Business Advisory

What we do:

Specialization: Focus on preserving/increasing EBITDA for companies where location and occupancy has a tangible effect on the financial statements. Typically, we make the highest impact on retailers, service and restaurant ("RS&R") companies, but even modestly sized non RS&R companies (such as office tenants) often pay millions in rent during the average lease term.


How we do it:

We leverage market inefficiencies with real estate expertise, market information and financial acumen that is impossible for most companies to replicate internally.


Real Estate Portfolio Analysis and Restructure

Real estate provides the platform to deliver goods and services for most RS&R companies through position and location (bricks and mortar). We are Canada’s leader in due diligence, rent restructures and portfolio analysis. Whether you are looking to increase portfolio performance or are looking to acquire a large portfolio of locations, we recognize the immense impact that real estate has on your company’s enterprise value.

Business Advisory

Our track record with successful, national corporate growth plans (ranging from Starbucks to H&R Block) has provided us with valuable experience in a variety of critical areas, ranging from market studies to franchising. If you are looking to build your business through new locations, repositioning or better efficiencies, we have the experience, track record and resources to develop and execute a successful plan of action. We leverage our extensive market knowledege, relationships, financial acumen and experience to aid in the growth of our clients through increased position, profitability efficiences and reduction or risk.