Research & demographics

Our research and demographics division provides key information that facilitates profitable business decisions. We provide comprehensive reports on a variety of areas related to the real estate function ranging from store sales forecasting to portfolio analysis, mapping to detailed market studies.


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If there's a "for lease" sign in the window, likely not.
Typically, the best sites are sourced well before they become vacant or built. The process of securing the top preforming locations require ingenuity, time and perseverance. The majority of top performing sites that we procure are identified months (if not years) in advance.

The 11 methodologies that we use to determine a company’s value are:
1. Asset Based
2. Basic
3. Capitalization
4. Critical Factor
5. Dept Capacity
7. Excess Earnings
6. Industry
8. Discounted Cash Flow
9. Market Approach
10. National Comparatives
11. Weighted Factors

Yes. We have comparable sales for thousands of locations for both our clients and competitors throughout Canada. This information is amalgamated and referenced against locations to help us ensure our sales projection models are as accurate as any on the market. Contact Us to find out more.